English IIStriving to become better... Readers, writers, speakers, and listeners

District Mission Statement:Educating all students to be competent, caring, and contributing citizens in an ever-changing global community

Course Essential Question:What does it mean to be a competent, caring, and contributing citizen in an ever-changing global community?

In Mr. Hershey's English II class, everything that we do is an attempt to better answer the course essential question listed above. All the books that we read and the units that we study are designed to facilitate our understanding of what it means to interact successfully with the world around us. It is in this context that we explore the elements of literature (characterization, theme, plot, setting, and style), the elements of good writing (focus, content, organization, style, and conventions), and the elements of good speaking and listening.

Reading Strategies

  • This document provides a comprehensive overview of all literary elements and literary terms that students should be familiar with. I recommend printing this document and using it as a reference guide.

Current Events

Annotated Bibliography

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