For this assignment, you will create your own podcast! First, select a monologue of at least five lines from any of the characters in any of the scenes. Practice reading the monologue several times, thinking about how that character would actually be reciting those lines if they were performing on stage. Once you feel confident with how the lines should be read, follow these steps to complete the assignment:
  1. Record your dramatic reading of the monologue using the sound recording program Audacity and a USB Headset.
  2. Export your recording from Audacity as an MP3 file ("File", "Export As", "MP3").
  3. Name the file "lastname dramatic reading"
  4. Create a podbean account using your school issued email and your seven digit student ID as your password.
  5. Create a podcast by clicking "Publish New Episode" and uploading your dramatic reading.
  6. Click on "Widget" above
  7. Click on "Other HTML"
  8. Copy and paste the "embed code"
  9. Save your edits
  10. Listen to other students' podcasts!

Description of Scene
Podcast of Dramatic Reading
Mr. Hershey (Sample)
Tom and Amanda have just been arguing. Amanda does not believe that Tom is
going to the movies as he says he is. Tom, in his anger, sarcastically offers this monologue.

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