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Click on the "Discussion" tab above to read and discuss various current event articles. I will post a new discussion each week. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the topic by reading the related articles (linked below by week). After educating yourself, you must offer your response to the subject, and you must also respond to one of your your classmates. Please try to make connections to books that you have read (either in class or on your own) and/or movies that you have seen.
Please remember to be respectful of other peoples' opinions. It is perfectly normal to disagree, but we must respectfully disagree.
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  • Be approximately 150-300 words in length
  • Demonstrate depth of thought
  • Contain appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling (no texting jargon)
  • Fully answer the question posed
  • Give examples for support, including but not limited to:
    • a connection to a movie/song/TVshow/book/etc.
    • a connection to a real-life event
  • Encourage further discussion from classmates
Current Semester:

Reading More but Learning Less?
Are 'Family Values' Outdated
When Do Kids Become Adults?
Is Segregation Back in US Public Schools?

Feb. 10: Should Parents Control What Kids Learn at School?
Feb. 17: Should Home-Schoolers Play for High School Teams?
Feb. 24: ITW Essential Question
March 2: Are People Getting Dumber?
March 16: Should College Be for Everyone?
March 16: Fighting War Crimes, Without Leaving the Couch?
March 30: The Fairness of Hate Crime Laws (also, watch ABC's 20/20 episode on this issue)
April 13: To what extent does a person's social class determine his/her destiny? (Article handed out in class)
April 20: Why Do Americans Balk at Euthanasia Laws?

Previous Semesters
Should schools help catch illegal immigrants?
Is our current model for education unfair?
Born to be Wired
Sept. 9: Should McDonald's be required to serve healthier food?

Week 1: Extreme Parenting
Week 2: McCaskey Mentoring Program
Week 3: Do Home Schoolers Deserve a Tax Credit
Week 4: Does College Make You Smarter?
Week 5: States take aim at distracted pedestrians
Week 6 (3/7/11): County held captive by prison lawsuits
Week 7 (3/14/11): When Free Speech Feels Wrong?
Week 8 (3/21/11): Are Teachers to Blame? Lancaster Sunday News
Week 9 (4/4/11): How to Raise the Status of Teachers
Week 10 (4/11/11): Can Young Students Learn from Online Classes?
Week 11 (4/26/11): Chicago school bans some lunches from home
Week 12 (5/12/11): Fraternities