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Ender's Game
This furturistic science-fiction novel is about a group of genius school children who go
to battle school in space in order to save the world from invading Formics (Buggers). Earth has already been invaded twice, and in order to save the world from a third invasion, the International Fleet recruits genius children to train. Don't be fooled, even if you don't like science fiction, you will love following the journey of Ender as he seeks to save the world. This novel is much more than a science fiction thriller. It is a story of survival that explores the depths of human nature.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the subsequent books in the series. The thrilling action keeps you interested and wanting to find out what happens next. Part of what makes this book so intriguing is the fact that the main characters are so young, yet they are so intelligent. Despite the science-fiction feel, I love the deeper lessons about human nature and how we relate to people. I recommend this book to all students! Enjoy!
Rating: 10!!!!
Mr. Hershey
This is a fiction book that is about a girl named Kristina Georgia Snow who was perfect. Until Kristina went to visit her father, Kristina disappears and Bree takes her place. Bree is the exact opposite of Cristina- shes fearless. Besides meeting a boy she meets the monster-Crank. This book is about a teenage girl that goes through addiction, rape, drugs, alcohol.

I really like this book. It captures your attention about this girl that has a double identity. Her addiction to crank, and the things she will do and how far she will go to get what she wants.
Rating: 10 =]
Liz Cheng =]
The Dead & The Gone
external image Dead%2520and%2520the%2520Gone.jpg
This apocalyptic book, the sequel to Life as We Knew it, is about the struggles of a 17 year old New Yorker to keep himself and his sisters alive through unimaginable events that seem to be the end of the world. When and asteroid hits the moon, sending it closer to earth, volcanoes erupt, earthquakes and tsunamis become a daily occurrence, the sun is block out by ash, and food becomes scarce through the freezing cold winter. Alex's parents have disappeared, and now he not only has to worry about him self, but his two younger sisters Briana and Julie. see how the world alex knew and loved is changed in the blink of an eye.

This is an AMAZING book!! It keeps you on the edge of your seat, and your not going to want to quit reading. This book teaches how easily we cant take the life we have for granted.
Rating: 9
external image 400000000000000077122_s4.jpg
Second Helpings
This book, a sequel to Sloppy Firsts, is about Pineville High senior Jessica Darling and her many adventures the summer before her last year of high school, and her entire senior year. Jessica is incredibly brilliant, but lacks the ability to see who she really is. After going through the traumas of SPECIAL, Len, cross country, He Who Shall Remain Nameless, Gladdie, and everything in between, Jess starts to see for herself that the person she thought she was isn't the person that everyone else saw. However, monumental discoveries like this can only happen after a series of hysterical, disgusting, and life changing events.

This is one of the BEST books I have read in my entire life. The book is in journal entry format, and it's from the mind of a teenage girl, my favorite kind of books. I would recommend this to any girl who needs an awesome book to read. I wish the book was longer it was so good. I didn't read the first one before this, so it's not necessary to do that before reading this one. However, I must warn you that there is frequent swearing and some PG-13 content. One of the funniest books ever written, plus its very easy to follow format, and the hilarious situations that Jess puts herself into.

Megan Smith
external image Darkly%2BDreaming%2BDexter.jpg
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
The Morgan family works in law enforcement. Harry is a well-respected veteran of the force, his daughter Deborah currently works vice and is desperate to make detective and adopted son, Dexter works in the lab as the leading blood splatter expert. All three have dedicated their lives to keeping the streets of Miami safe. There’s just one problem – Dexter isn’t like dear old dad or little sis, he likes to kill things. Haunted by a dark passenger, he lives by Harry’s golden rule – only kill the bad guys. He is careful, methodical and chooses his victims carefully. When a series of brutal murders start appearing in the area and the style and method are too close for comfort to Dexter’s MO, he begins to question his own sanity. Is he responsible or is there another monster on the loose?

Humorous, dark and macabre with a charming serial killer you hate to love but can’t stop yourself, Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay is a fascinating page-turner. If you like off the wall psychological thrillers with twists and turns this is the book for you! The first person narrative gives the reader access into the mind of a killer character that leaves you wanting to know more. Not for the faint of heart!

I enjoyed this book from cover to cover. I like the narrative by Dexter and the insights into his actions, mind, personality and most of all humor. His character is fascinating and steps out above the other run of the mill serial killers in books and cinema. I am also a fan of the Showtime series and it was interesting to see how the show was different from the book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes crime scene dramas and stories of the macabre.
Rating: 10
external image the-sisterhood-of-the-traveling-pants.jpg
The Sisterhood of
the Traveling Pants
This fictional book is about four completely different girls, Carmen, Lena, Bridget, and Tibby, who have been best friends their whole lives. Now, they have to spend their first summer apart. The night before they separate, they discover a magical pair of pants that fits each of them perfectly. They decide to pass the pants on to each other throughout the summer, to have a little bit of each other with them. Each girl has many experiences and adventures during the summer. Carmen is visiting her father in South Carolina, Lena finds romance in Greece while visiting her grandparents, Tibby strikes up a friendship with an inspirational 12 year old named Bailey, and Bridget falls in love at a soccer camp in Mexico. Before they go their separate ways for the summer, the four vow to share the pants and send them on to the next person when they are finished. They write up a set of rules, and their adventures begin.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was funny, exciting, touching, upbeat, and just a magnificent novel. This book is one of those books that the reader just does not want to end. It's a tribute to friendship that's true to the emotional tumult of adolescence and pure to the notion that the only way to travel is with friends. I would mainly recommend this book to young girls around the ages of 11-18 because it deals with teenage girls, and there's also some mature content. But anyone could read this book and enjoy it; I know I did. :)

Rating: 10

Day Of Tears
Day Of Tears

Day of tears is a book that portrays the hardships of many slaves, one in particular, Emma. She lives on the Butler Plantation with Pierce Butler and his two daughters. He wants his two daughters to learn the way of being a master and carry on this terrible business, but Emma's goal is to somehow teach Butler's daughters to have common hearts and realize no matter what color your skin, everyone should be treated with equality. One of his daughters does not believe slavery is right, and one does. When Butler has to pay off gambling debts, he has one of the biggest slave sells in American history, but will he break his promise to his daughter and sell Emma along with the other hundreds of slaves? Well the slaves be sold to horrible owners that do not treat them like humans? Read the book to find out!

I enjoyed this book because it shows the terrible events many slaves have to go through because of the color. This book makes you realize how lucky everyone is to be called equal citizens and this issue is not around nearly as much as it use to be.

Louis Swan

external image 0385732066.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg
The Hunt for the Seventh is a fictional book about this boy Jim, who is being haunted by ghost. His father works at the Minerva mansion and is the head gardener. While Jim's father works, he sneaks around trying to fine the seventh but the clues don't help him much. But lord Minerva hates how Jim wonders around, and threaten Jim's father that he'll get fired if Jim wonders around, so Jim gets grounded and his sister is stuck in the kitchen. But then Jim sneaks out anyways and finds out if he doesn't find the seventh that the village will be flooded out or the seventh child will die. So will he save everyone or save the seventh. Your going to have to find out by reading the book.

I loved the book because it had an amazing ending, it was a big shock but it was awesome. I also loved it because i love to read about ghost stuff, its just cool to read. My favorite part is when he puts all the clues together, because while he is putting it together i already have it finished in my head. I would recommend it to anyone that likes mystery, and ghost like books.

Rating: 10

Ruby Oliver is a sophomore at Tate High School. Just when she thinks her life is going good, in just one week she loses her best friend, boyfriend, almost all of her other friends, and almost everything that was important to her. Her life had just been turned upside down and to make matters worse she lost her lacrosse game. Ruby faces drama and peer pressure like any other teenage girl. Her drama goes so far that she begins to have panic attacks and has to now see a therapist. Dr. Z asks her to make a list of every guy she has had any kind of thing with. She begins out very skeptical, but through out the story she starts to cope with more of her emotions and feelings and in the end realizes that bad stuff will happen to you, but life goes on. Will her panic attacks ever stop?

This book is funny, entertaining, and a story that almost any teenage girl can relate to. The book talks about common high school issues like boys and friends. The boyfriend list covers tragedy, comedy, and romance all in one book. This book is definitely targeted to be read by teenage girls anywhere from 13-18. If you're a teenage girl, looking for a fantastic book then this one's for you.

Rate: 10!

Maddy Smith :)
Speak is about a ninth grader Melinda Sordino and the harsh year she had to go through. Calling the cops on the biggest party of the summer was the biggest mistake Melinda had done. Now starting Merryweather High School, she is an outcast. All her friends hate her, the fellow schoolmates talk nasty about her, and the one friend she thought she made used her. Melinda had become mute, she kept all her thoughts to herself and the one secret that is always haunting her is the secret that caused all the hatred toward her to happen. She is afraid and ashamed of what happened and kept it to her since that incidence. No one knows about the secret but sometimes the best thing to do is speak up to others so they can help.
I really enjoyed this book. It starts out slow but little at a time the book gets so interesting that you do not want to put it down. Throughout the book, a great lesson there was a lesson that Melinda learned and it is a lesson that we could learn about as well. I recommend this book to those who have the patient to get through the“slow” parts. In my opinion, the story starts to get interesting toward the middle of the book. So if you can wait that long, you should really consider reading this book!

Whitney Wang
external image black.jpg
Black is about a man named Tomas Hunter, a man that lives in Denver and owns a coffee shop. But when he meets some old friends from New York he finds himself traveling back and forth between two worlds every time he falls asleep. He then finds out from this other world were good and evil are forests separated by a river, that it is up to him to stop a deadly virus that will spread through the air and kill the world in just three weeks. From this other world he falls in love with a girl named Rachelle and finds the answers on what he needs to do to stop the virus. Then when the evil is released into the colored forest Tom is trapped trying to save two worlds from evil.

This was one of the best books that I ever read and the story has two more books to it, RED and White. This would be a book for people that enjoy supernatural thrillers and unexpected plot twits. I would recommend this book to anyone and would also tell them to read the other books in the circle series.
Rating: 10

Jason Eby
external image moz-screenshot-1.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-2.jpg

Lightning is a very interesting book with lots of twists and plots. The main character, Laura Shane, lives a life of death and rewards. She did not have control of her life as it was in the hands of what seems at first to be a futuristic traveler when she was in danger he would show up to save her life. Her guardian (the traveler) shows up later in her life to explain who he was and why he kept saving her. When her guardian shows up to warn her of evil they are led through the citys and roadways in a frantic chase.

This book was very interesting and hard to understand at some points because there is so much going on in the story. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in books that involve a hard to understand plot with putting puzzles together to understand it. The book has a lot to do with time travel witch will have a big surprise on anyone who reads it.
Nick radanovic
external image thingsnotseen.jpg
Things Not Seen is about a boy named Bobby Phillips, who is a teenager lives in Chicago with a mom and a dad. One day Bobby wakes up and does his daliy school routine looks in the mirror and he is invisible . He is very confused and tells his mom and dad who don't believe him at all untill breaskfast where his parents saw a glass of milk being lifted up from the table by itself. Bobby's dad who is a scientist is stuned and wants to figure out how to make him visible. For about three month Bobby has miss school and the school wants to know what happen to Bobby. If the school does not know where he is or what happened to him then they will send the police to his house and look for him. Also if they don't find him then Bobby's parents will go to jail.

This book is very fascinating and has a great ending. I enjoyed reading this book because it kept me thinking of how a person that would wake up invisible could turn back into a normal visible person.I would recomment this book for anyone who likes to read mysteries, and outrageous books.
Rating: 9
MIchael Vang
City of Bones
By: Stephenie Meyer
City of Bones is the first book of The Mortal Instruments trilogy. It is a thrilling book with action from page to page. It is about a what seems to be a normal girl named Clary Fray. As you read further, things don't seem to be as normal as Clary expected. She begins to meet these few kids that only she can see and they're called shadowhunters. Eventually as the book moves on they meet underworlders like warlocks, raveners, vampires, and werewolves. Turns out that Clary's life is far from normal when she finds out that her mother was a shadownhunter at one point, and her father which until now she's not known was once a shadownhunter, but has turned to the underworlder side and is trying to get the Mortal Cup. Read this book and the other two, to find out what happens to Clary and her friends.
I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a nice fictional, fantasy, action book. It is a bit long, but once your into it, the pages will go by really fast.
Rating: 10
austin eckert
By: Ted Dekker

Kevin Parson is your average guy, a 28 year old college grad in his first year at a seminary who buries himself in books and struggles with basic cell phone technology. He is heading home from school one day when he recieves a phone call from a man who calls himself Slater. He gives Kevin brief instructions to confess his sin to the world in three minutes, or his car will be blown sky high. Kevin panics, drives his car into a ditch at a Walmart parkinglot and flees. Sure enough, precisely three minutes later when Kevin fails to confess, his car explodes and sends his world recklessly spinning into the unknown. He begins recieving more phone calls and more threats that become increasingly dangerous and is forced to face the past that he spent years burying under his new life.

This book is one of the best I've ever read, the minute you start reading it you don't want to put it down. I liked this book because there was never a moment when something wasn't happening right up to the unexpected twist at the end, so it never got boring. The only thing I did not like about this book was that it was hard to understand at some parts because there was so much happening at once. I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially someone who likes thrilling and suspenseful mysteries with unanticipated twists in the plot.

Rating: 10!
Jess Horst
Cirque Du Freak 10 The Lake Of Souls
By: Darren Shan
The Lake of Souls is the tenth book of the Cirque Du Freak series. Darren a boy turned to half vampire after seeing a freak has lived and adopted the vampire ways. Now he has can either go on a hunt to find the Lord Vampaneeze the vampires blood brothers who are evil and kill humans or help his friend Hakrat a little person who was brought back to life find who he was in his past life. He chooses to help his friend so he was travel to an unknown world to find the Lake of Souls. After the first couple weeks they find a man named Spits to help them find the lake. After finding the lake and realizing it was gaurded by dragons they plot to find a way to go fish for Hakrats soul. They battle the dragons during which Spits dies but Hakrat finds his soul. It turned out to be and old vampire named Kundra Smult who tried to betray and get all the vampires killed. So either Hakrat lived or Kundra and since Darren trusted Hakrat more he lived and they then traveled back to the real world.

I would recommend that you read the first nine books before this one. This is one of my favorite books out of this whole series. The book never gets boring it is awesome from start to finish as well as all the other books. There are so man twists in this book and series you just can't put it down. If you like to read series type books this is one of the best out there.

Rating: 10
Dustin Bawell
Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Left Behind
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Left Behind is the first book of a twelve book series and is based completely on biblical prophecy from books like Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation. The story begins with Captain Rayford Steele, a commercial airplane pilot in his forties with a wife and two children who lives his life in a way that he knows he shouldn't - he longs for his flight attendant, Hattie, a perky blonde in her mid-twenties. As Rayford is flying a Pan-Continental commercial flight from his hometown Chicago to Heathrow, he is planning to make a move on Hattie. While fantasizing about what could happen between the two of them, Rayford tries to rationalize that this affair is all right; it's all his wife Irene's fault for suddenly becoming such a Christian fanatic. Irene always talked to him about church and how Jesus would soon come down and take all of His own to heaven, but Rayford just thought it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo. The focus then jumps from Rayford to thirty-year-old Cameron Williams, better known as Buck, a senior writer for the magazine Global Weekly. Buck is a passenger on Rayford's flight and is busily tapping away on his laptop, working on his next big story. And then, it happens. In the blink of an eye, people vanish from their seats into thin air; shirts, pants, glasses, rings, and even contact lenses are sitting in little piles in the space once occupied by their owners. Passengers and flight crew alike start to panic; where could these people have gone? No one seems to know, but Rayford does. His wife Irene was right, and these people had all been left behind. The story follows Rayford and Buck throughout their journeys to discover what really happened to the world, and what they're supposed to do about it. Along the way, souls are saved from eternal damnation, people fall in love, thousands lose their lives, and the Antichrist (the true enemy of Christ), Nicolae Carpathia, rises to power. Who will die from this destruction and terror? Who will live to see the Glorious Appearing of Jesus Christ coming back down at the end of the seven year tribulation period? Read to find out!

Though this book is based on biblical prophecy, I believe that it is a captivating read for anyone who loves action, sus pense, and even a little romance. It is a bit lengthy at 468 pages, but it's well worth it! I recommend reading it with all of my heart; it's the best book I've ever read, and I'm already finished with the third book of the series! I must warn you, though, that the endings have cliffhangers that will drive you completely insane, making it necessary to grab the next book and start reading! :)

Rating: 10!!! :D (I would say 10,000 if the scale went higher!)
Lindsay Coleman :)
Battle of the Labyrinth is the third book of a four book series and is about Perceus Jackson, the son of Posiedon, and his mythical friends and their adventures. This story starts off with Percy Jackson going back to camp Half-Blood, a camp for all the sons and daughters of the Gods. While at camp, Percy finds out that his friends and fellow campers at camp Half-Blood are in grave danger because Kronos and his army are going to attack camp and whipe out all the Half Bloods. And the only way to save everyone, is to go into The Labrynth, a never-ending maze filled with dead ends, traps and illusions. So when Percy and his friends embark on a quest to not only save their beloved camp, but the whole world, they are in a race against time and the enemy. In this thrilling adventure, Percy has to face new challenges at every turn!

This book is a great book in the sense that there is never a dull moment, there is always something happening. But it is obviously a fantasy, and is not for anyone who likes non-fiction or the real deal. If you're considering reading this book, i would recommend reading the books before it to help you understand what's happeing.

Rating:9 (individually) 10 (the whole series)
Tyler Shetter