Now that you have formed your ranch teams, your first task is to do some background research. Each member of your group must select one of the following areas to research. After completing your research, each group must create one PowerPoint presentation reporting what they have learned. In order to collaborate on one PowerPoint, you will be using googledocs. In your presentations, be sure to answer all of the questions under your topic.
  • Historical Context:
    • What was happening in the 1930's?
    • What caused the Great Depression?
    • What was the Dust Bowl?
    • How did the Great Depression affect the way peopled lived?
  • Life of a Migrant Worker:
    • What was life like for the migrant worker?
    • Why did many migrant workers move to Californina?
  • John Steinbeck:
    • Summarize his life.
    • What do many of Steinbeck's writings often focus on?
    • What other books has Steinbeck written?
    • Where does the title, Of Mice and Men come from? Listen to the poem. What do you think the poem means?
  • Mental Retardation:
    • What is mental retardation?
    • What are some of the causes?
    • What are some of the symptoms?
    • What is the goal of treatment
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