Purpose for Reading Questions
As you read, answer the purpose for reading questions for each chapter. You received these questions at the beginning of the unit when you received your book. Please supply thoughtful answers to each of the questions. 20 points

Click on the "discussion" tab above and choose at least five questions to answer. You must respond to at least two of your classmates posts. All posts must....

  • Be apporoximately 200-300 words in length
  • Demonstrate depth of thought
  • Contain appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling (no texting jargon)
  • Fully answer the question posed
  • Give examples from the text for support
  • Encourage further discussion from classmates

All discussion posts will be graded according to this criteria. 20 points

Additional Readings
Please take some time to skim through some of the literary criticism on A Separate Peace in order to deepen your understanding of the novel.

Take Home Test
Write a two page essay analyzing a specific theme in the novel.